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Is going electric as green as we think?

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The march toward all-electric vehicles continues with some good ideas, like Volvo’s power-storing bodywork, and less good ideas, like the stupid-looking and stupidly-named Protoscar Lampo2. I’ve mentioned the pros and cons of EV’s before, and the bottom line is that unless recharging a car is as fast as filling it up with fuel, and that it’ll go a long way before having to stop again, the future of motor transport lies with another fuel or mode of propulsion. I suspect car manufacturers insist on EV’s because they’re easier to build and something more easily understood by the public, because even a corporate accountant can see the inevitable downsides of betting on electricity as the petrol of the future. Apart from its practicality issues, there’s an even bigger issue that EV’s have to deal with, one that attacks the very cornerstone of their existence: their carbon footprint.

An interesting article in the Portuguese website AutoPortal speaks of how a Dutch company, CE Delft, has uncovered an aspect of European law that, while an incentive for making EV’s, is at the same time an excuse for less environmentally-friendly behaviour. Loosely translated:

The study indicates that the European legislation that regulates car emissions presents “serious loopholes”, by allowing car manufacturers to ‘compensate’ the sale of electric vehicles with the sale of more polluting vehicles, which go beyond the emission limits set by legislation.

It’s an interesting point and one which isn’t easily visible, unlike the other disadvantages which are the realm of common sense and simple inferences. An overtaxed power grid, consuming lots of fossil fuel to produce the juice needed to recharge EV’s, and the junking of old cars are the main contentious and valid points, and they’re simply not being addressed.


Alt-fuel – Intro

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One of my favourite ever posts in my now-gone old blog was a post on the different types of fuel that were cropping up at the time. The idea was to enumerate all the pros and cons of each fuel to try to imagine what will be powering our cars in a decade or so. We are at a crossroads, with some brands pushing for hybrids, others plug-in hybrids, others hydrogen, others bioethanol, etc., etc., etc.. This was all especially pertinent back when oil prices were whopping and filling your tank meant selling one of your children. Now those prices have gone down and everyone’s reeling at the money the financial system sucked into nothingness, and it would seem people have stopped worrying about what it costs to fill their tank and what alternatives are out there to make this less painful on your wallet. Or at least it seems that way for the time being, but will change now prices are rising yet again. However, the ball was set rolling, and slowly, the normally aloof masses are becoming aware of cheaper and more enviromentally-friendly ways to run their automobiles. So let me repeat a now-lost post and give you my idea on what the alternatives are. We’ll get cracking in the next post.

Hybrids and Plug-In Hybrids
Plug-In Electric Vehicles
Biodiesel, bioethanol and such
Carbon-neutral Algae-based fuels
Hydrogen fuel cells
Hybrid Retrofitting