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… to yesterday’s post: Wouldn’t the DS5 have come out a lot more consensual, appealing and plainly better if it were a production version of the Hypnos?


Citroen DS5

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Citroen has unveiled the last(?) member of its DS line-up, the DS5. It was no surprise that it was unveiled in Shanghai, since Citroen is a brand heavily betting on expanding its Eastern market, and that it’s an MPV. Pity. I would’ve preferred a saloon car, at least to confirm that Citroen is thinking of making cars along the line of the C6 instead of that stupid Metropolis concept. Anyway, I read in the Portuguese Citroen forum that some people find it similar to a VW Scirocco (?!) and others to a BMW 5GT (???!!!). Very weird. Had people said it reminded them of a Ford S-Max I would’ve have conceded them a point.

Moving on, it’s powered by PSA’s Hybrid4 system that’s starting to pop up in both Citroen’s and Peugeot’s ranges, giving it a combined total of 200hp and emissions of 99g/km. Absolutely great stuff for sure, but what I like most about this thing is the interior. Current new Citroens may have very drab and bland exteriors that plagiarise Audi and VW, but they’ve definitely got very cool interiors, albeit not as quirky and sui generis as the preceding generation of C4’s and C5’s.

Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see how this will fare when it comes to market. So far the only car available in the DS range, the DS3, seems to be doing ok, but will this translate to the more up-scale models in a world in recession?

Thoughts on the (possible) return of the 2CV

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Autocar makes no mention of the word 2CV, calling it ‘Citroen’s mystery concept car’ and predicting it to be a new C1. Motorspain rejects out of hand that this could be a new C3 Pluriel, because the new C3 has been presented. L’Autojournal makes an interesting point, noticing the grooves on the bonnet, similar to those of that of the original 2CV.

I’ve photoshopped the original picture to see If I could get any sort of other clue:
official citroen photo_psed
Not much can be ascertained, though it looks a lot to me like a revised version of a Citroen C-Airplay.

Now I loved the C-Airplay. It was a beautiful concept car and I was saddened by the fact that it seemed a prodction version wouldn’t be made. The prospect of it being a new C3 Pluriel is also mouth-watering. The Pluriel has reached the end of its life as a production car and Citroen have announced they’ll stop making it later this year. If it is a new 2CV, there’ll be a lot of hype around it, and I just hope it lives up to it.

If you think of current retro-cool cars, the new VW Beetle, the Mini and the Fiat 500 spring to mind. The Fiat is great, a funky little car that might just save Fiat after many years of absolutely abysmal cars. The VW isn’t so cool, having aged and losing most of its shine. The Mini doesn’t really resemble the original that much and doesn’t really convince me.

The thing is, all of the above cars were originally conceived to be mass-market, super-cheap wheels for everyone. Their iconic status is due to their longevity and large sales, and car manufacturers want to cash in on that. That’s fine. But their new versions are nothing more than hideously expensive clothing accessories, driven by rich little weasels between the hippest spots in town.

The original 2CV was just like the original of these new versions: dirt-cheap, put French peasants on wheels, lasted 42 years in production and sold around 4 or 5 million units. Citroen want to cash in on this wave of retro-cool new hip young car thing, and that’s fine. I honestly do hope a new 2CV somehow escapes the fashionista market, but then again, that’s probably what it’s for.

Or is it? Citroen have unveiled the DS3, a competitor in the “premium small car segment” (i.e., the stupid rich kids niche). Will it make another car to compete with itself? Methinks not. Which really pisses me off, since it’ll mean “no, this isn’t a new 2CV”. I just hope it isn’t just another concept car, though if it is a pre-production model, my bet is it’ll be a new DS4 or DS5.