Citroen CX Gallery 6

The central bit between driver and passenger was also deliciously quirky. The controls for the cabin air temperature where in the middle toward the right, which you can see in the picture. They seemed more like controls for Victorian machinery because you had to mover the so far across the slots. And that handbrake! It was so long and huge it probably reminded the driver what a beast the handbrake was holding steady. And the switch you might be able to make out in the bottom right hand corner was the hydropneumatic suspension level switch, which needed herculean might to work. My BX had one, and there would be the odd occasion where I’d need both hands to move it. It might sound daft that it was something so heavy to use, but I reckon it was probably a clever safety feature, since you couldn’t use it on the move, and kids couldn’t lark about with it, as my dad was probably thankful for, since I tried and tried to move it about but it wouldn’t budge.

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