Citroen CX Gallery 4

And now, perhaps the most notable aspect of the CX: that absolutely unique and amazing interior. At least it’s the most notable to my mind, because I spent so much time inside it as a lad. Where to start? Perhaps that singular one-pronged steering wheel, which became a trademark of Citroens from the DS all the way to the XM. The speedometer, clock, fuel and temperature gauges, and mile-o-meter were all inscribed in squares, as opposed to circles as was customary for nearly all other cars of the day. In the picture, you can see the speedo in that yellow square on the left, which was a back-lit revolving drum, as was the rev counter on the right. My dad’s CXs never had rev counters, since that was a luxury reserved for the top-of-the-range models, but simply sported a back-lit Citroen symbol. I also loved the warning lights, which were chunky little squares all in a row above the main display, as is also visible in the image.

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