Citroen CX Gallery 2

This is a typical 1974 CX. Lots of chrome all over the place, as well as delicious details. Look at the way the grill is placed on a different plane from that which defines the curvature of the bonnet, and then the little chromed pieces that, though part of the grill, look like their part of the headlamps. The sloping, grooveless bonnet and the way the entire compostion of the front, from the angles of the headlamps to the wide horizontal bumper seem to me to give the CX a certain DS-ness. What’s also noteworthy is the sort of barrelled shape of the body, reminiscent of the Citroen SM. The way the body tapers at the back and the design of the rear window also reminds the onlooker of a certain SM-ness, even without that funky little angle in the SM’s C-pillar.

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