Hydractive suspension – some more anecdotes

Hydractive suspension was the s**t. You can read the previous stories here.


#4 Change a tyre in a jiffy
Anyone owning a Citroën must have done this at least once. I was with a friend, and we were going somewhere in my BX and we were late. To add to my troubles, I got a puncture, and my friend began to despair due to our lateness. I reassured him verbally, but when that failed I simply showed the ease with which Hydractive-equipped Citroën owners could change tyres. In short, suspension height to the max, a pre-extended jack placed to hold up the car, suspension to the minimum, old tyre off, new tyre on, suspension to the max, remove jack, drive away!

#5 The shortcut
Northern Portugal, 2005. Stuck in standstill traffic, I noticed there was a road parallel to the avenue where I was. A deserted, minor road that led into some side-streets. All that separated me from it was a simple, 20 centimetre-high slab of curb pavement, high enough to wreck the underside of most cars. What should I do? Sit in the traffic and wait, burning expensive fuel? Or ease my car over the obstacle and find my way (this was before the wide use of GPS, kids)? I made up my mind as soon as I saw a jeep with big knobbly tyres run over the curb and disappear into the side-streets. Hydractive suspension to the max, over the curb, goodbye traffic.

#6 Cross country
Simple case of the weird, quasi-offroad capability of Hydractive-enabled cars. Basically it’s the most fun you can have with cars that don’t have four-wheel drive and gigantic expensive tyres. I did this a couple of times in rural areas and once on sand (I was lucky enough not to get stuck), and it struck me what a clever thing this was. The extra ride height allowed me to use country lanes with deep furrows that only jeeps can use, and I could transform the BX into a normal, road-going saloon once it was over. Fan-tas-tic!


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