Quick car review – 2013 Nissan Qashqai 1.6dCi

Nissan QashqaiAt last I found out why the Qashqai is such as sales success. Sort of.

– Between the comfort, the interior space and the brilliant glass roof, the Qashqai was a nice place to be while driving. but with one enormous letdown, which I’ll get to later.
– I’ve mentioned it once and I’ll mention it again: comfort. This car ironed out all crap road features like a Citroen, and that’s fantastic in a day and age where it seems everyone goes for “sportiness” even though they’re actually never going to go properly fast nor have the faintest idea of what makes a car fun to drive.
– The engine wasn’t bad either. Nice and responsive yet frugal for a big car.

– The interior design & trim. Oh God. How can this car be so awful inside and yet be so popular? It doesn’t matter how good a car looks on the outside, it’s the innards you’re going to have to look at for the length of your ownership of said car. The Qashqai central instrument display showing trip info was so basic and low-res it looked like its graphics were from a mid-70′s Magnavox console. The instant consumption figures are in line with Renault’s, which is a stupid horizontal bar with no numeric info that makes the driver guess what the actual mpg number is. The centre screen with the sat-nav is so small, laggy and low resolution it would’ve looked wrong on a run-of-the-mill cellphone ten years ago. Then there’s other stuff like the buttons on the steering wheel. It’s nice to see they haven’t gone for the Peugeot route and made some of them invisible, but they’re located on the lower half of the wheel, meaning you have to both look down away from the road and move your hands to a weird position to press them. The whole interior design, stuff like vents and door handles, all lack flair and purpose, as if the designers couldn’t be bothered.

An excellent offering from Nissan, bar it’s terrible interior. If you get past how crap the innards are, it’s a top-notch choice of car.


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