Quick car review – 2013 Toyota Auris 1.4 D-4D

Toyota AurisI didn’t have enough time to properly try this car out and test all of it’s features, so don’t hate me if I miss the mark here and there. Still, I had enough time enough time to reach some definite conclusions, as some things are so apparent they can’t be denied.

– Nice and comfortable and easy to drive.
– Good fit and finish, with a cosy feel behind the wheel.
– Pleasant and punchy diesel engine. It was a 1.4 like the Peugeot, but it felt like it pulled better. Didn’t have much time to test economy unfortunately.

– That styling. Ugh. I tried in my mind’s eye to fathom a way, an angle, anything to see this car as anything other than ugly. I failed. I don’t understand how anyone can look on all those odd angles and protruding lights and say “Mmm, that’s a properly good-looking car.”
– The dash layout. All wrong and stupid. Even the clock was hard to find. The central screen was awkwardly angled and hard to read. It also displayed information stupidly, and I couldn’t find my instant fuel consumption or a fuel average. Terrible.

All in all, it’s not a bad car, far from it. I just get the impression it’s made for people who want a means of transport and no fuss, not for someone who likes to drive and appreciates their choice.


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