Mercedes finally make a couple of cars that don’t look like crap

Big news: after years and years of conservative, drab, boring and simply fugly cars, Mercedes decided to go against this trend and release the current A-Class. Though not an eye-wateringly beautiful piece of automotive design, it certainly marked a change for the Stuttgart-based brand, since the previous A-Class was laughably styled to say the least. The new design language brings the car closer to the cars it’s suppose to contend with, like the BMW 1-series or the Audi A3.

Fortunately, Merc has realised that even it’s more flashy, further-upmarket stuff looks bloody awful, and BMW, perhaps its most direct rival, have made cars that actually don’t look like turds, so two recent concepts are designed to change this. First, it’s the future S-Class CoupĂ©, which paraded its lines at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, which improves the stuffy, can’t-stray-too-far-from-the-formula styling of the regular 4-door S-Class. It’s a sleeker, sexier take on the world’s #1 ostentation-mobile, and makes the saloon look rather brick-like in comparison.

p01lxncbThen there’s the computer game-oriented AMG Vision Gran Turismo. MAde for some video game on some console, Merc show that after all, they can allow their designers to properly let the hair down, go wild, show some flair and make a car that isn’t designed just for grey people who want to show off how much money they’ve (supposedly) made. I’ll admit, it seems to echo some cues from Citroen’s very similar idea with GT, such as that rear overhang and its general shape, but nonetheless it warrants some congratulations since at least MB designers took inspiration from a worthwhile source.


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