The Electric Vehicle Revolution

800px-Elon_MuskThis man here is Elon Musk. You may have seen him in Iron Man 2 hobnobbing with Tony Stark, but for most he’s what’s behind the Tesla Model S, indisputably the currently most advanced electric car available on the market. Now hold that thought, after all, this is a car blog, but I’d like to ramble on about a non-car matters for a moment.

Having mentioned Tesla’s founder, I’d just like to say how Mr. Musk is the sort of rich person I want to be some day. Most wealthy people are self-centred weasels, and simply set about indulging themselves as soon as they’ve got money. Some will donate to charity to appease their conscience, but wouldn’t dream of actually dedicating their life to bettering someone else. Elon Musk has done just that, with his Space X project, which is an attempt in rekindling some interest and momentum in space exploration (after all, if humanity’s going to survive, we need to disperse into the cosmos), and with the Tesla motor company, that proves electric cars are not only possible, but a serious candidate for the main mode of propulsion for passenger cars in the future.

Now, I’ve said before how electric cars weren’t the future, and at the time I said that I was right. The Model S was a game-changer, but it comes at a cost. The thing is, the Tesla makes all current EVs look like complete s**t. All of a sudden, their range is seems even more pathetic than it was, so is their performance, so are the charging times, so are the looks (trying to make it look all snazzy, outlandish and sci-fi instead of looking conventionally cool makes it look very out of place in the real world), and so is the conceptual design (batteries occupying the boot and reducing cargo space instead of the Tesla’s better battery that actually frees up the interior).

So to continue a theme that crops up every now and then (which is what will be the main mode of propulsion for cars in the future), will the Model S be the undoing of the electric car? This may seem a bit paradoxical, but if you think about it, it has some substance. People who want electric cars won’t be too attracted to ugly, under-performing turds, but might no be able to afford the better yet much pricier option, so they might settle for an ICE-driven car. Food for thought.


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