VW XL1 – Official production version

vw1Volkswagen have released pictures and specifications of the production version of their already-ageing fuel-sipping XL1. I say ageing because the third version of the car was shown two years ago, and what they’re flouting here is what will be available to the public during this year. The figures are still 314mpg (UK) (0.89l/100km), or around 140mpg (UK) (2.0l/100km) for diesel-only driving. The car is incredibly light at just 795kg, and now has a side-by-side seating arrangement as opposed to the tandem occupation of earlier concepts. vw_xl1_in_11_03The aerodynamics are also a big part of the car, perhaps best exemplified by the absence of wing-mirrors. Instead, exterior cameras feed an image to screens on the door, as can be glimpsed in the accompanying image here. Goodness knows how many mpg’s that adds to the consumption figure, but it’s one way that shows how hard VW must have worked on this, if two years between the final concept car and the production version weren’t enough to prove this.

But it’s not all roses. VW say production will be limited, so we won’t be seeing this as a common sight on your street, especially if you live in a backward country like I do where limited production cars are hardly ever seen let alone sold. And I suspect the price will be pretty whopping too, what with carbon-fibre-reinforced plastics included and expensive gadgetry such as the diesel-electric drivetrain. Who will this appeal to? Rich actors who usually go round in Lambos but buy this car to appease their guilty conscience? Not a big market. As I’ve written before, I personally would absolutely love to have one of these. I’d be able to visit my family in France on little more than what the 10-litre tank theoretically has to offer


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