Citroen DS9: China only

The past 24 hours on good car blogs have been awash with news of a new Citroen. Citroen’s Facebook page published two teaser pictures some hours apart, and Autoblog Espanol were the first to advance that it as a China exclusive DS9 (apart from usually being the first, they’re also usually correct). Not long before, News2zest had published two pictures, one of a veiled Citroen concept car in Paris, and another photoshopped rendering of the aforementioned car mish-mashed with one of the teaser pictures. I’m not too sure about this last one though, since it looks very similar to Citroen’s previous concept, the Hypnos.

It’s interesting either way, since this will mean a probable successor to the Citroen C6, though it remains to be seen if this new car will maintain the high standards of Citroen’s current flagship model. On the downside, if the Metropolis concept is anything to go by, cars tailored for Chinese sensibilities might not actually work that well in the rest of the world. Perhaps the upcoming Beijing Motorshow will see the DS9’s unveiling, and we’ll see if this is true or not.


One Response to “Citroen DS9: China only”

  1. colin humphries Says:

    beautiful looking car

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