Audi go frugal

I’m not an Audi fan, not even close (though I do like the Audi A5 coupé), but I’ll admit to giving credit when it’s due.

The four-ringed brand from Deutschland have introduced a highly-efficient 2.0 litre diesel to the A5 coupé and Sportback, that sips as little fuel as the awesome BMW 520d EfficientDynamics (again, not a fan, but hats off to who deserves the honour). It can return figures of something on the order of 4,4l/100km (64.2mpg[UK]). In a mixed cycle. That means it’ll probably get mileage out on the open road akin to that of a VW Lupo 3L. In a car that weighs a ton and a half, and is made to be comfortable and luxurious, as opposed to small and practical, which is what most low-consumption vehicles are.

I like this approach to big cars, and I always have, in no small part thanks to my father and his obsession with low-consuming big Citroens. I’ve never ever liked the Top Gear-like mentality of “if it looks good, it has to go fast”. Why? Who wrote that rule? Why can’t a sleek coupé be a fuel-sipping cruiser that can go 1500 miles between stops at the pump?

Just as a footnote, imagine converting one of these babies into a dual-fuel car. Now that would be ultra-mega-hyper-efficient. Assuming it worked.


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