Volvo and PSA looking for partners

Volvo is looking for a partner to develop small cars. PSA Peugeot/Citroen are open to an alliance with another car maker.

Can anyone guess what I’m hinting at here?

Many carmakers aren’t interested in having dealings with Volvo, because it’s owned by the Chinese. Citroen however, is betting heavily on the Chinese market, with models developed exclusively for China. Volvo would benefit from Peugeot and Citroen’s expertise and platforms in the small car arena (even though the French brands’ legendary cars are large things like the 504, the CX and the DS, what they’re really good at is selling 206’s and Saxos and such), while the French would be able to use Volvo’s higher-end platforms and delve into more premium segments. Well, I’m no market analyst or such, but hey, this is what blogs are for, to spout out prattle to anyone who reads it, even if it makes no sense to the experts.


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