Naming your car

Nearly half the drivers in the UK name their car. No problem there, it’s normal to give things a nickname, in my honest opinion. People who don’t give their cars names are most likely part of the population who view driving as a necessary evil, as opposed to a pleasure, but then they’ll probably give nicknames to their cutlery or genitals. I have no problems admitting that I’ve named cars all my life, and still do today. My dad’s green Citroen CX was nicknamed “Gizmo”. My Citroen BX was “The Black Steed”, and my current car is “Ernesto”. I don’t refer to them by their nickname on a regular basis, mind you, it’s just a token of affection and gratitude for delivering my person to various locations in one piece.

So even though naming your vehicle might seem strange, even stranger are the most common names that are given by UK drivers. Lady Gaga. Rooney. Prince William. What the…? What sort of car inspires the name “Lady Gaga”?


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