Peugeot 608?

I got this splash from the French AutoJournal magazine’s website: I couldn’t believe my eyes. A Peugeot that looks phenomenal, from front to back. The RCZ is a cool car, but somewhat ruined by the ugly stretched face as I’ve pointed out before. This 608, if it turns out to look like this, will be a pleasure to look at, especially in contrast to its hideous predecessor, the 607.

However, will it sell? The Citroen C6 is iconically beautiful, and has garnered praise for its looks and and comfort, and excels in these respects the German offerings. However, its sales are dreadful, as car-makers simply can’t pry customers away from the Audi/BMW/Mercedes badge-snobbery that runs so deep among motorists with enough cash to afford a car in this segment of the market. That said, however, this 608 certainly looks more consensual than the extravagant C6.

I’ve always been one to root for the underdog, and also for what’s different and sets itself aside from the dominant norm. So if this Pug lives up to the dazzling aspect it has in the above picture, I wish it success.


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