Tips for car manufacturers to stop being prats

Last post, I went out of my way to recommend gas turbines as a new avenue of research for car engines, though I understand why most car manufacturers would prefer not to go down that path just now, as I mentioned right at the end. Fair enough.

However, as I keep saying, auto makers drag their feet when it comes to pushing greener technology, and there’s a lot more that could be done. And I’m not talking about developing a certain technology that will take years to be available, I refer to currently available and feasible solutions that aren’t as widespread as they should be.

So here’s some free tips for you people who build cars:

  • Make start/stop tech standard on every car you sell, every model, every trim level. If it works on either a gigantic Porsche Panamera engine or a 1.6 diesel, it can work in any car on any engine. If this was done now, the staggering amount of emissions cut and fuel saved at every traffic light in the world would, respectively, cut carbon levels as if Genghis Khan were alive and save motorists so much money at the pump it would end the recession.
  • Regenerative braking standard on all models, engines, trim-levels, etc. Every time you brake, you generate some of the power necessary to get moving again. BMW and Volvo are already planning to introduce this, but only on some cars. Consequences? See above.
  • Make all petrol engines factory-prepared for bioethanol/E85. You might argue it’s a dead-end fuel that didn’t catch on when it had the chance, but that’s because manufacturers like Ford and Volvo didn’t push it hard enough when they started selling cars with engines that could run on E85. If that were the case, people in general would take more interest, suss the advantages for themselves and start to create more market for it. In consequence, more fuel pumps would sell the stuff and governments would be forced to clear up the related legislation. Besides, when Brazil and China become the only countries in the world with money left, the Brazilians will start hocking their ethanol fuel like there’s no tomorrow. So let’s start getting prepared right now.
  • Where are the hybrids in every range of every brand? If a lone IBM engineer can turn any car into a hybrid, how come car companies, who will probably spend millions in R&D for a new paint colour, don’t seem to be able to fathom how to do this?. All you have to do is stick some electric motors in the hubs of wheels! How hard can it be?!

And car manufacturers, all of this should have been done yesterday. So chop-chop.


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