BMW benchmark

I’m mostly writing this because I’m sick of having to look at Roger Moore every time I open this page: The BMW 5-series is considered by most moto-journoes the standard by which all other 4-door saloons must be measured. I don’t know if it’s in terms of sales or build quality, but I suspect it’s all about that sporty handling-shite that has no place in the real world.

But hark! The Bavarians have unveiled a new-engined 520d, that delivers a whopping 4.5l/100km consumption figure (around 63 mpg in the UK)! Phwoar! BMW are no strangers to making powerful, well-performing cars, but this is a production model, and not some unobtainable concept car. This is iron-clad proof that all those emission targets set by governments aren’t fanciful thinking, and that other manufacturers really have to get their s**t together and play catch-up. Fast.

On a related note, I’m not a conspiracy maniac, but I find it hard to believe that Big Oil idly sits around on its arse and watches as green tech develops without a lot of lobbying and behind-the-scenes bastard tactics. But if a company with the huge weight of BMW basically shows that it won’t dance to OPEC’s tune unless they feel like it, maybe more auto-makers will find their spines and stop dragging their feet implementing cleaner, more efficient technology.


2 Responses to “BMW benchmark”

  1. Pedro Says:

    Who says that sporty handling has no real-world usage? Especially, when you’re referring to a rwd saloon capable of drifting in any of the three billion roundabouts all over the world?

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