Volvo P1800 turns 50 and 2.9 million at the same time

The iconic Volvo P1800 turns 50 years old, perhaps best known for “starring” alongside Roger Moore in the classic series The Saint. One story goes that the producers of the series negotiated using a British-brand Jag E-type for the show, but when Jag told them to sod off, Moore allowed for the use of his own Volvo P1800. The other perhaps more believable version is that following the 1961 launch of both the E-type and the P1800, Jaguar turned down the loan of E-types, and Volvo was approached and jumped at the chance (and Moore liked the car so much he bought one). Either way, Volvo’s ailing P1800 sales in the UK suddenly took a turn for the better, and the rest is history.

An interesting story published on Autoblog tells of Irv Gordon, a proud American P1800 owner who has racked up an incredible and record-breaking 2.9 million miles (nearly 4.7 million kilometres – that’s equivalent to nearly 16 trips to the Moon). He broke the record for distance travelled in a non-commercial car 1.2 million kilometres ago, and doesn’t intend to stop. Damn, I wish I had the time and money to rack up insane amounts of mileage in my Volvo.


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