Around the world on fuel-cells

The Stuttgart car manufacturer started a round-the-world trip in January with a modest fleet of three B-Class, all of which were powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

The German automaker hopes that the drive will prove that fuel-cell vehicles are a viable alternative to traditional EVs and internal combustion vehicles and that lawmakers and businesses will respond by ramping up the infrastructure necessary to easily operate a fuel-cell auto.

The 70-day journey the trio undertook was, for obvious reasons, supported by a mobile filling station. However, the article states that it was possible to find alternative sources of hydrogen along the way, and that it was quick an easy to refill, just as people are used to doing today with our liquid-chemical-burning ICE’s. Personally, I think this is one of the most worthwhile future alternative fuel technologies out there and ripe for development. But to catch on, it has to look as appealing as electricity is made to unduly look now. Frankly, if I were the bloke at Mercedes in charge of this operation, I would’ve converted some E-Class coupés or CLS saloons or any other more attractive models. However, I admit that because of the general perception that alt-fuel vehicles have to look stupid (as exemplified by today’s production hybrids), Merc’s bosses perhaps weren’t thinking down the wrong lines. On the other hand, I reckon it’s important that car-makers battle the idea that today’s standards for good-looking vehicles are inapplicable to greener machines. But that’s my humble opinion.


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