BMW GT5 – absolutely crap or just relatively crap?

Autoblog reports that sales of BMW’s unclassifiable 5-series-based aesthetic horror are lacklustre on the State-side of the Atlantic. Which is odd considering it’s very American in its concept: big, ugly and thirsty. However, it would seem that some 5-series Gran Turismo sales stem from customers choosing this monstrosity over the 7-series, while other potential buyers took a look at this disgusting “crossover” and went and bought an Audi or Mercedes. This hasn’t stopped BMW from dreaming up a future 3-series GT (or 4-series as it may be called), which follows along the same lines of hideousness.

BMW have a solid reputation, though it owes just as much of it (by their own admission) to badge snobbery as it does to quality. As such, their one of those car manufacturers who can get away with introducing a heap of absolute horrifyingly ugly horse manure with four wheels on the market and have it sell in quantity, such as the X6, the X1, the 1-series, the previous 5-series, the Bangle-bum 7-series and so on. But because, as the saying goes, you can only fool all the people some of the time, etc., even die-hard BMW fanboys have to recognise that the brand’s aesthetic line-up has been… unfortunate over the last couple of decades. The proof is how the new styling cues are shifting away from Chris Bangle’s forms. Steadily of course, since the Bavarian motor company is very conservative, but the lines on the latest 5-series are far, far more pleasing to the eye than any car BMW has put out since 1988.


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