Shrug and go “meh” #1 – VW Golf

I can’t think of more of a paradigmatic example of the average car. The fact that it’s been the best-selling car in Europe for ages suggests it’s very good, which it is, but only at the very median tasks it’s made for, in that very “get-the-job-done” sort of way. Does anybody, in this day and age, go around all day and lay in bed at night aspiring to own a Golf? Methinks not. Vehemently. People dream of owning fat Mercs and Ferraris, big Citroens and stylish coupés, even perhaps Minis or Fiat 500s if they’re of the mini-bourgeois.

The Golf is the picture child of hatchbacks, whether in family or simple utilitarian flavour. It’s certainly not the sort of car you wave your arms about when you see one, or, if you own one, turn to look back at when walking away as if it were your hot girlfriend. It lacks flair and panache, making up for it with quality and very German seriousness.

So imagine your sister or friend told you they’d just bought a Golf. You’d just shrug and go “meh”.


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