Shrug and go “meh” #0

Writing about cars on a personal level is an inflammatory, passionate activity where you either praise or demolish the subject automobile in question. It’s all either “Dream Garage” material, or “Blight on God’s clean Earth” stuff. “This car sucks s**t through a straw” or “I’d trade in my wife for one of these”. There’s no room for the lukewarm, the indifferent, the non-impacting cars out there. The ones that you have no opinion on because you hardly notice they’re there.

Now that’s a downright injustice for the cars in question. The fact that they’re not noteworthy is vital to how we view them. They’re not that bad, but then again, they’re not that good either. These cars need to be defended when written off as complete crap, and knocked off the pedestal when they’re unduly lauded.

So my modest little blog Auto will offer yet another new section, where I’ll be moderately uplifting/slagging the motors that don’t cut the mustard one way or the other. A homage to automotive averageness, that make car-appreciating folk, when ask to give an opinion, shrug and go “meh”.


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