Return of the Calibra

Apparently, General Motors has leaked that it plans to ressurect the Calibra designation to its line-up, in the form of a coupé, just like the original. I find this rather pleasing, due in no small measure to the fact that I like coupés quite a bit. On top of that, this coupé will sport Opel’s current design, which I’ve praised before, and not just once. I’m one of those that really liked the aesthetics of the original Calibra (apart from its drab Vectra interior), and from what I deduce I’m in a minority populated mostly by idiot modders. However, I suspect the new take on this model might be far more consensual, with Opel drawing inspiration from its current range.

The resulting package, from what can be told by the Calibra concept pictured here, is basically a two-door Insignia. I’m not a fan of coupés that resemble saloon counterparts too closely, but I can’t blame Opel’s designers for making this decision. The Insignia’s looks are dang-well fantastic, and it’s a natural step to make use of its pleasing looks and apply to other Opels. I don’t doubt it’ll have the same interior too, but again, not a bad idea, as I’ve harped on about before.

Hopefully, the engines won’t be just wanked-up V6’s with a million horsepower and instantaneous 0-60 times. I think Opel will be sufficiently lucid to include a low-consumption power-plant for a proper long-range cruiser, a Grand Tourer in the correct and sensible sense of the term.


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