Finally, news about a proper car

Car news hasn’t been particularly spectacular lately, with no new exciting cars. There’s another decrepit Lambo that’s being tested by wet-trousered journos, and even the Citroen DS5 doesn’t rank high in terms of eagerly awaited new models. However, Opel’s preview of the upcoming two-door version of their current Astra, dubbed the “GTC” (I suspect standing for “Grand Tourer Coupé”) is exactly what I expected it to be. The previous (or should I say current?) GTC is quite a handsome car in its own right, and in comparison, puts to shame the rest of the Astra range. The new Astra, when it came out, was a triumph in car-styling, another piece of proof that Opel has found very sui generis, fantastic and, IMHO, consensual styling cues for its line-up. It was a natural deduction that, given the great looks of the new model, and given the great design of the old GTC, the new two-door Astra had to look brilliant. And by golly, it does.

This is just an advanced preview before the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, and the car definitely won’t be out until next year, but it’s guaranteed to get lots of prospective car-buyers to wait it out until this beauty is available. I usually cock predictions up in a pretty splendid fashion, but I really don’t see many young men (let’s face it, young blokes are the vast percentage of the customer base for two-door hatches pretending to be coupés) opting for a Renault Megane coupé or even a VW Scirocco over this Astra. I know I wouldnt.


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