Return of the E-type

… and Jaguar has nothing to do with it. The car pictured is the Growler E, which is being built by Swiss company Classic Factory, working on Swedish designs.

At first glance it looks pretty cool, and like a good idea. Then you read it’ll cost a staggering £640,000-£850,000!!! Who will buy one of these if they can buy and/or restore an original E-Type for a fraction of the price?

There’s also the problem with these modern interpretations of classic car legends. It can be done properly, as the current Fiat 500 attests, but don’t doubt for a second how much research and development it needs. This particular reinterpretation of the Jag reminds me a bit of a pathetic modernistic Citroen DS rendering that cropped up a few years ago. Not good. This exercise has recently been properly done, as I’ll write about in the next post.


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