Citroen Survolt

Citroen has unveiled one of its most interesting concepts to date, the Survolt. It’s a fully-electric, 200kW sports coupé, and looks like the GTbyCitroen had a shag with the Revolte, and out popped this thing. It’s only 3.85 metres long, making it supermini-sized. This is a car that responds somewhat to the desire I expressed in another article, And I wouldn’t mind to see it go into production, as long as it’s cheap, but that’s probably not going to be the case.

Personally, I think it looks great… except for the oversized, mutant rear wing and the fuchsia/grey colour scheme. Those aside, it has a cool, compact profile that looks speedy even standing still. Didn’t see any interior photos, but it’s probably whacky and impossible, if the GT and Revolte are anything to go by. There are weird symbols or decals on the front lower bumper that look they’ve been swiped off of a Stargate, but it lends the car a sort of cool air sci-fi.

Now the bad things. Rear spoiler and colour: horrid, but we’ve covered that. An all-electric powertrain doesn’t sound good either. It’ll probably be a one-geared thing, which sounds unfathomable. A car with only one gear? And I honestly thought it would lend itself to be a nice Grand Tourer sort of a car, but that’d be impossible if it’s an EV. Imagine trying to go from the Algarve to Sweden in this thing. You could go 200km/h but you’d spend most of the time recharging the thing. And don’t go saying extension kits will solve this, because that’s a stupid trade-off. Going travelling but not being able to take luggage because the cargo area is full of battery packs because otherwise yo wouldn’t be able to get where you want to go in the first place brings out the idiocy of the idea of an electric GT cruiser. Not on this day and age. But this is delving into the whole EV versus ICE and such debate and I this is about the Survolt.

Perhaps what dismayed me the most is what one of the head Citroen honchos said:

Bertrand Dantec, design chief on the project, says that while most concepts are sketched 50 times, this one was drawn only once.

“Nobody really makes electric sports cars for the track,” he said, “so we thought why not?”

There are batteries mounted all over the car – including in the nose, along the tunnel and in the rear – and there’s a 200kW motor feeding the rear wheels. The company has made no performance claims as yet.

“We are looking into producing a limited run of these cars for a one-make race series.”

Limited production means very expensive and horrendously exclusive. The same Citroen big-wig also said something else:

“I think it’s important that this car didn’t look like just another sports car. It had to have some of the softness and femininity of the Revolte, because I think it would appeal to a different kind of buyer than the usual sports car.”



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