Ferraris are for pricks

Here’s an amusing article spawned by the news of the new Ferrari F458. Though the piece in question is already over a month old, it comes at the top of search results for “Ferrari F458”, so it must be pretty widespread by now. I only discovered it now and it says a lot of what I think about Ferraris, and supercars in general.

(…)it is exactly the same as every other Ferrari produced in the last twenty years – impractical, overpriced, unreliable, obscenely expensive to service and painted red.

It goes on:

Ferrari does, of course, make more money from selling hats and key rings to people who have never sat in a Ferrari – let alone having driven or owned one – than it does by selling its absurd vehicles. The nearest the millions of Ferrari fans ever get to the Ferrari experience is pinning a poster to the bedroom wall or watching reruns of Magnum PI.

One undeniable motoring fact is that every last one of the people you see wearing a Ferrari hat or jacket doesn’t own a Ferrari and never will, with the exception of a racing driver who has had one plonked on his head by a PR man before a press conference and gets one free as a company car.

People who actually own a Ferrari are, to a man, the kind of self-obsessed weasels you’d cross the road to avoid. And they’d be walking because the Ferrari will be under a dust sheet, broken or being serviced.

A fine summing up. I only ended up typing “Ferrari F458” into a Google search because has come up with a contest awarding $500 to whoever accurately predicts when the first F458 crash will be. The utter bastard in me likes Wrecked Exotics. It warms his bastard heart.


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