Everyone’s a diesel

I wasn’t expecting to blog while on holiday, but here I am. I’m staying in the Algarve, in the south of Portugal, and as always, I’m keeping my automotive eyes and ears peeled for relevant data.

One thing that struck me is how things have changed regarding diesel. Back in the day, my dad was a rare creature, because he preferred diesel over petrol. To me the logic was unshakable: it’s cheaper and more efficient. £20 of diesel got you a long way. £20 of petrol didn’t, and still doesn’t.

So while I was sipping coffee near the entrance to the resort I’m staying at, I couldn’t help noticing the constant rumble of diesel engines as they went past. I didn’t count how many cars went by, but they were in the many dozens. And I only counted two petrol-fuelled. And in the evening, while having dinner, every car that passes by is graced with a diesel, be it a big estate, a jeep, a people-carrier, a hatchback, you name it.

The reason for the shift isn’t hard to fathom. Though my dad couldn’t give a rat’s arse about performance (and consequentially, I also thinks it’s far, far less important than nearly all the car’s characteristics), most drivers did, so that’s why they went for petrol. As diesel engine’s got better and better (vastly improved performance and even consumption), and fuel got more and more expensive, it was just a matter of time until Mr. and Mrs. Bloggs realised that they didn’t have to spend half the family holiday budget at the pumps. Also, many ranges didn’t even have diesel versions on offer (pre-1993 Volvo 400 series, for example), but today the diesels outnumber the petrol-guzzlers in some cases (Citroën C6).

So bear in mind, today’s green-tinged alt-fuel maniacs might be the harbingers of things to come.


One Response to “Everyone’s a diesel”

  1. Nice write up! I love the modern turbo diesel engines for what they are but I still maintain that when the mood takes you and you fancy giving your tires some stick, a petrol engine can put a smile on your face like nothing else in the world! That is the only reason I drive petrol cars but it’s getting harder and harder to stand my ground when talking to lovers of diesel these days!

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