My dad had unversal roofbars for his cars. Well, they were universal for cars made before 1989, because subsequent models stopped having the ridges near the roof that made the roofbars usable. They were rickety and covered in dented plastic, but put in more miles than Apollo 11 and carried a hell of a lot more cargo. I don’t know if they’re still in my mums cellar, or if they’ve made their way to the big junkyard in the sky, but I wouldn’t mind having them around now.

Not that I’d be using them. You see, it’s my turn to be the father having to load lots of crap in the holidays, and I’ve no roofbars for my car, which should be said here, is a Volvo S60. And the problem is that no-one else has any roofbars for this model either. And I mean no-one.

I’ve shopped around, and there are roofbars for Puntos and Corsas, no problem. The Volvo S60 isn’t even mentioned in the lists. Not even Volvo has it in its list of accessories (even though the S60 was discontinued earlier this year, they still seem to offer support for it), no online auction sites have it, not even the Volvo Owners of Portugal Club has information on the subject.

So if you stumble upon this, and are the owner of a Volvo S60 with roofbars, please tell me how to get my mitts on some. Thanks.


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