Dream Garage #5 – Infiniti Essence concept

infiniti-essence-concept_20It would only be a matter of time until a concept car showed up. And this is one car I’m sore to see will never roll off the assembly line, though if it did, it wouldn’t make much difference since we don’t get the Infiniti brand where I live.

And it’s this unfamiliarity which made the sight of this prototype even more breathtaking. It looks sculpted, studied from every possible angle to look good. Just looking at it makes the mind picture sitting behind the wheel and speeding off across an entire continent.

The fact that it has a special luggage-shifting boot speaks nothing to me, nor that it has 500+ horsepower deriving from a 3.7-litre V6 hybrid engine. For all I car it could have a 1.0-litre unit from a 1990 Fiat Panda. It’s jaw-droppingly gorgeous.

Infiniti Essence Gallery


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