Dream garage #3 – Bugatti Veyron

As a rule, I don’t like supercars. I think they’re pointless, impractical, polluting and ostentatious. But every now and then, there’s one or two that warrants a revision of these tenets.

No better example to demonstrate this is the mighty Veyron. Unlike other entries of my dream garage, this car is not about the looks. It’s about the amazingness of the achievement.

This isn’t a wanked-up dragster. It isn’t a re-tuned thugmobile with nitrous-oxide added. This is a factory-spec, unadulterated, tour-de-force of automotive engineering. For a car even madman Jeremy Clarkson repeatedly said would never exist, the Veyron lived up to the amazingly high standards it set itself when it was announced. A 1001hp supercar that tops 400km/h.

Yes, it may consume 100 litres of fuel in 12 and a half minutes at full throttle and yes, it costs an obscene €1.1 million, but to think that you can have that much power at your disposable in a road-going car boggles the mind.

I could go on about the quad-turbo 8-litre, W16 engine, the ten radiators, the adjusting suspension, the spoiler/airbrake, but you can watch some episodes of Top Gear to know all that. The wow factor for me is because it’s like a spaceship on wheels.

Bugatti Veyron Gallery


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