A blight on God’s clean Earth #1 – The Audi range

A blight in God’s clean Earth is a section dedicated to cars I hate or particular stuff about a certain car or cars I hate. The latter is exemplified in this first post.

Audi should really read “moron-mobile”. It’s no that the cars are rubbish, far from it, it’s just the patronage Audi displays. Let’s start with the basics: of the German Big Three (i.e., the German luxury brands, Audi, BMW, Merc), Audi is the poor cousin. A BMW is a BMW. A Merc was born a Merc. An Audi is a Volkswagen in a frock. The Audi A3? An overpriced Golf. The A4? A Passat with four rings on it.

The folks from VW were as clever as the customers were stupid. Get a normal an existing VW, change the trim a bit and charge more than would be reasonable, and idiots with more cash in their wallets than brains in their skulls will flock to the showrooms. And by golly, they have.

And then there’s the offensive 1.9-litre turbodiesel, an engine that’s 91 dog years-old. And Audi customers, being the f**king retards they are, buy this version the most.

Audi drivers are all thick morons who want to look like they’re rich thick morons. They are all posers who like to pretend they understand something more than nothing about cars. They all drive dangerously and terribly, but what would one expect from a breed with such low I.Q.? An even larger problem is that morons are rife, since the street seem to vomit Audis. I’d post a picture but it would be too offensive to the casual reader.


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