Dream garage #1 – Citroën DS

Every auto enthusiast has his or her favourite cars. And every now and then I believe we all whimsically imagine what cars we’d buy if we were stupidly rich and and had a place to put them.

So here’s my list of cars that I’d want to have in my dream garage.

The original Citroen DSFirst up is the amazing Citroën DS. This is to cars as The Beatles are to music. As the Parthenon is to Architecture. As Deep Throat is to porn movies. It changed everything. It revolutionised comfort, safety, aesthetics and even aerodynamics. It introduced into mainstream car manufacture disc brakes, hydropneumatic suspension, crumple zones and sliding the engine below the passenger compartment in case of a crash, plastic dashboards, an aerodynamic shape, swivelling headlamps, power windows, power steering and a semi-automatic gearbox powered by the same system that keeps the suspension going.

If this isn’t reason enough for it to be in my dream garage, perhaps I should emphasize the impact it had on me as a youngster. I was always exposed to quirky Citroën design since, well, as far as I can remember. But the DS had stuff I only saw on it and no other car. The dial with a big fat red circle that (I think) was the handbrake warning light. The swivelling headlamps behind a sheet of glass. The rear indicator lights sprouting out of tubes on the roof! It was always a fanfair to see a real, live DS, and the feeling has never waned.

An epic, iconic, monumental landmark in automotive history, and no doubt about it.

Citroën DS Gallery


4 Responses to “Dream garage #1 – Citroën DS”

  1. A friend of mine has one rotting in his backyard. It breaks my heart everytime I see it.

  2. Blake Hugh Says:

    When I was growing up my parents had three Citroen over the course of my childhood. There was never anything else we ever drove that compared.
    The smoothness of the suspension is what I remember the most. Like driving on glass.

  3. Very interesting dream garage. I couldn’t agree more with your choice of #1. 🙂


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